Co-Air/Gas Torch 



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Co-Air/Gas Torch
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Co-Air/Gas Torch

Good solution for soldering & brazing without oxygen
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SK Brazing makes compressed air/gas torches instead of gas/oxygen torches or gas/atmospheric air torches. It is called “Co-Air/Gas Torch”. Normal gas/atmospheric air torches are used for a soldering or a brazing restrictively because the flame is too weak, but this Co-Air/Gas torch’s flame is used for a brazing because it is hotter than normal gas/atmospheric torch. Also, it might be a good solution for a condition without an oxygen.



Hotter flame is achieved by using both gas(1 Bar) and compressed air(1 Bar).


Main Characteristics 

- Easy to braze & solder 

- Can be used instead of gas-oxygen torch 

- Hot enough to braze 

- Heat consistency & easy to control 

- Good to use with gas saver for convenience