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SK Brazing with one of best technology companies in the world specializing in brazing automation and education.

Brazing SchoolAbout Brazing School

About Brazing School

SK brazing is a school that specializes in brazing technology and is recognized as a brazing academy not only in Korea but also in the world.

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SK Brazing has been doing brazing seminars and training since 1987 (the Brazing Division 1987-1993) started the brazing business.
Since opening the Brazing Lab in Sihwa Industrial Complex on May 10, 1995, we have been actively engaged in brazing education.
On November 4, 2002, it was established in Sincheon-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, and was officially accredited by “SK Brazing Academy” (accreditation No. 2335).

The brazing education has been done to over 400 companies in Korea and 600 companies in 40 countries, more than 1,000 companies around the world, based on nearly 32 years of brazing experience.
It is believed that it has played a part in securing global industrial competitiveness domestically and abroad, and we are doing our best in brazing education today with pride.

In order to distribute brazing education and brazing and soldering more systematically to the public, registered the Solbra trademark on December 2, 2004 and developed "Solbra Metal Art" made of soldering and brazing. We are accelerating our efforts, and we are also doing "Solbra Metal Art" education along with brazing education.

Types of brazing education

Rest area

SK Brazing School provides comfortable rest area like a cafe.
Rest area1Rest area2Rest area3

Brazing Sample exhibition

There are over 2,000 kinds of brazing samples in SK Brazing school. You can learn brazing history and example how brazing applied.
Sample exhibition1Sample exhibition2

Brazing Lab

SK Brazing school has a brazing lab which has gas torches, induction, dip, resistance, ultrasonic brazing equipment and so on.
Brazing Lab1Brazing Lab2

Brazing test equipment

SK Brazing school has various test equipment like microscope, universal test machine and so on. After brazing, you can check the joint strength and micro structure.
test equipment1test equipment2test equipment3

Brazing education

Brazing theory education

Theory education1Theory education2Theory education3

Brazing training

Brazing training1Brazing training2Brazing training3

Demonstration of brazing theory verification

Demonstration of brazing theory verification1Demonstration of brazing theory verification2Demonstration of brazing theory verification3

Brazing automation education

Brazing automation education1Brazing automation education2Brazing automation education3

Brazing case study

Brazing case study1Brazing case study2Brazing case study3

Brazing metal art education

Brazing metal art education1Brazing metal art education2Brazing metal art education3

Student brazing education

brazing education1brazing education2

Brazing Consulting

Brazing Consulting1Brazing Consulting2
  • Brazing Book

    Brazing Book
  • Brazing education certificate

    Brazing education certificate2