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Technical Service

We provide technical consulting on brazing principle, material selection, brazing joint design, brazing method, etc.

Technical ServiceHeating method recommendation

Heating method recommendation

SK Brazing has developed many heating methods such as gas/air mixing systems, gas/oxygen mixing systems, induction systems, resistance heating systems, laser heating systems, plasma arc heating systems, for brazing/ soldering. Recently, SK Brazing developed "Auto gas control systems (patent approved)" which are gas, oxygen and air pressure controllers for brazing/soldering machines, in order to keep.
  • Remote digital pressure control
  • Ideal choice in where the input pressure is changed frequently.
  • Cost saving through the precise pressure control, of gas and oxygen etc
  • Easy control of gas, oxygen and air pressure etc
  • Improves the quality of brazing/soldering products with good brazing/soldering conditions.
  • Three stages control like strong, medium, soft flame etc.. With one auto gas control unit.
Brazing/soldering technical support
  • Good joint design methods and proper joint clearance.
  • Correct alloy and flux.
  • Good brazing/soldering procedure.
  • Good fixturing method.
  • Brazing/soldering test.
  • Expected problem review on brazing/soldering.
  • Automation method review.
  • Brazing/soldering education.
  • Brazing/soldering material supply.
  • Brazing/soldering machine supply.
  • Technical review on brazing/soldering problems.
  • Consulting service on current brazing/soldering methods.
Brazing/soldering → Do you need a doctor, pharmacist, nurse?
Always, developing and researching new technology on brazing/soldering methods and automation.