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04. Difference between existing metal craft and Solbra craft
Writer : 관리자(  Date : 20.05.28   Hit : 69
Simplify post-treatment process
Due to the acquisition of advanced technology, it is possible to create products that have significantly eliminated post-treatment processes such as grinding, poilshing, and acid treatment.

Various materials available
Currently iron, stainless, copper, brass, gold, and silver are used, but through the accurate acquisition of this technology, various materials including ceramic, glass, titanium, and diamond can be used.

Complex and versatile crafts available
Through the accurate acquisition of this technology, it is possible to produce complex and various functional crafts.

Shorten product production time
Through this technology, it is possible to get marketability and economic efficeincy as it is possible to reralize a low cost of metal crafts while dramatically reducing product production time.

Easy start-up
It is easy to learn through systematic, easy and fun education, and start-up is possible through this technology.
Existing metal crafts were only possible with a high skill.

Various heating methods available
Most of the existing crafts use flame torch, but through this technical education, various products can be made through various technical teaching such as furnace brazing, induction brazing, deep soldering and vacuum brazing.
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