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01. Solbra metal art definition
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Solbra metal art definition
Solbra is a compound word for soldering and brazing, and is one of the metal joining methods. Soldering and brazing is a method in which only the filler metal is melted without melting the base material. Based on 450℃, brazing is performed at 450℃ or higher and soldering is perfromed at under 450℃. Welding refers to a method of melting and joining the base material at a temperature above the melting point of the base material above 450℃.

The Solbra joint method has a history of over 6,000 years worldwide, Korea also has this technique from the period of the Three States in gold crowns, earrings and rings. However, it is presumed that this technology was used befere the period of the Three States even thouth it is unknown, because the product does not exist. 

However, these technologies have been used for a very limited, and since the Second World War, the need for advanced equipment for military, such as airplanes and warships, has led to the repid development of this technology in the United States. After the war, the development of automobiles, aerospace, electrical and electronics industries, and the white goods industry, this Solbra joining method is widely used.

Although this Solbra technology is used locally in the metal crafts inductry, it has many limitations in practical application as it does not estabish the correct concept.
With this in mind, SK Brazing, which has been studying only this Solbra technology for nearly 20 years in the industry, plans to systematize this technology and apply advanced Solbra technology to metal crafts to present a new concept of metal crafts.
Therefore, Solbra metal craft means a craft made using brazing and soldering joint technology.
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