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02. Solbra metal art characteristic
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Various metals available
Using this joining technology, various craft products such as gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum, nicket, stainless, titanium, ceramic, glass, diamond, etc. can be made through mutual joining.

Mass production possible
Currently, most metal joining techniques require a lot of grinding or post-processing due to the inexperience of this joining technique, but if you are familiar with this technique, mass production is possible with simple automation as these processes are unnecessary.

Easy to understand
Anyone can easily learn through systematic technical education and development of an easy and convenient mechanism.

Various products can be produced
Gold / silver accessories, tables, chairs, interior accessories, and lighting-related products can be produced directly through this technology.

Beautiful joint surface
Through accurate knowledge, a beautiful joint surface can be created, and the joint surface it silf can have a productability.

Strong joint strength
Because it is a metallurgical joint, a brazing surface can be obtained that is stronger than the base meterial.

Functionla product design available
Through this Solbra joint technology, it is possible to design a product that can have various functions.
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