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05. Solbra Art curriculum
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+ Solbra metal art 6 months Program
Period Accessories / Interior product curriculum Remarks
Month Week
1 1 Company introduction & Preparation discription Basic course
2 Tool usage explanation and practice
3 Making objects with basic tools (1)
4 Making objects with basic tools (2)
2 1 Design and the process practice Design practice course
2 Modeling
3 Practice of making way according to design
4 Practice creating unique designs
3 1 Making-1 Making course
2 Making-2
3 Making-3
4 Making-4
4 1 Making-5
2 Making-6
3 Making-7
4 Making-8
5 1 Making-9
2 Making-10
3 Making-11
4 Making-12
6 1 Correction and complement works Preparation exhibition course
2 Making picture frames and exhibition stands
3 Certificate of completion
4 Exhibition

+ Expert course
Term For College students Remarks
Occasional  - Practice necessary for assignment and making
 - Overall metal joining training
Separate training 
for basic courses

Period For entering graduate school Remarks
6 months ~ 1 year prepare portfolio and making Teaching the making of works necessary for entering each school

Term Artist training class Remarks
Occasinal Training related to metal joining and techniques required for making of work in cooperation with partner companies Making sculptures etc.

+ Group experience course for elementary school students
Period Elementary school group education Remarks
Day Time
1 1 Theory of metal characteristics and the usa of tools Theory education center
2 Basic course on design and making practice Practical room
3 Making Practical room
4 Making Practical room

+ Solbra Art course program
Overall Course Period Class Days Details
Expert course for student - Sat, Sun


for entering graduate school 6 months,1 year Tue, Thu, Sat


for artist trainig - -


Start-up class
Jewerly and accesories (weekday) 3,6,12 months Mon, Wed, Fri (choose1)


Jewerly and accesories (weekend) 3,6,12 months Sat, Sun (choose1)


Start-up class
(Interior object)
Interior object (weekday) 3,6,12 months Mon, Wed, Fri(choose1)
Interior object (weekend) 3,6,12 months Sat, Sun (choose1)


Hobby Jewerly 3,6,12 months Mon, Wed, Fri(choose1)


Interior object 3,6,12 months Mon, Wed, Fri(choose1)


Art Artwork Occasional -


Sales material Flux, filler sales Occasional -


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